19 Sep 2014

1.2 Finding Food and Love?

Hello and welcome back!
We join Pepper at Willow Creek park, playing chess?

Oh silly me, Pepper isn't playing chess. She is just annoying someone who is.

Pepper: So then I tweeted, using my phone!
Chess Lady: (Thinking) Shhh, trying to concentrate.

Riiiiiight Pep that may not be the best way to make friends. Even purple top, yellow trousers girl is giving you a funny look. Maybe we should find you a guy before....

Too late! Nutty Gardener Lady is here!

Nutty Gardener: Then the idea hit me!

Nutty Gardener: I just started dancing! Swinging my hips just like this.

Quick Pepper runnnnnn! They are always weridos at the park, and if you can't find any then, sorry you're werido.

So as I was saying. Pep we should really try and find you a guy. You know gotta get the family tree to sprout some baby leaves.

Pepper: Whhhhhhhhhhhyyyyyyyyyyyy!?

Well... Sorry Pepper but this is the legacy story and all, you can't have a legacy story with out children. And,

Pepper: No not that. This why would someone do this? The bin is right there!

Ummm, because some sims are A-holes?
Oh look a guy quick talk to him.

Pepper: Heeeeeeey! How you doin' ?

Oh bummer turns out he is a slob, I am not making you clean up after him every 5 seconds. I'm getting a 1950's women should clean up after her man vibes off this guy.
Plus we have to question his sanity to lead with "Hi, I'm a slob" to someone you don't even know.

Ooooon to the next guy sorry Alexander Butterfield.

Earl Hobson, noncommittal and is married! Sorry Pepper, I'm not making you into a home wrecker, yet. Unless things get desperate.
Look this red head seams interested what about him?

Pepper: Hands in yo face!

Earl looks kinda into that. No Pepper! I'm not making you into a home wrecker.

Earl: Sorry gotta dash.

Good, maybe the red head will be less tense now?

Aww he is talking about music and CDs. Whaaat? He is married too?
Oh Pepper, what is it with you and married men?
Why can't we find you a nice single guy.
And to add insult to injury, along come two more including Mortimer Goth.
I'm not having the wrath of Bella coming my way.

 Dark Haired Man: Booobs?

Oh so classy!

Pepper it's okay, you don't have to hide your shame in a bin!

Stop doing that! Quick maybe fishing will keep your hands busy. Plus you can always cook the fish on the grill for some free food. Win!

Pepper: Like this?

Yes like that but you have to cast your rod.
After a few tries and still nothing, guess her skill is too low. Maybe next time.

Fish: LOL

Who is that lucking by the bin? If it isn't Bob Pancakes

Bob: Pancakes??

No Bob I don't think they are any pancakes in there.

Speaking of food Pepper is getting hungry, and since fishing didn't work I'll have to think of something else. Ooooo whats that?

Aww some sims are having a picnic, quick Pepper eat their food. Oh and excellent quality too! We are lucky.

As Pep is in such a good mood from eating that nice food, why don't we try an cheer up that sim. She doesn't look like she is having a very good day.

Look at that face, she is so angry!

Oh dear, I don't know what that sim said to Pepper, but now she is angry too!

Probably something about her green skin, don't worry Pepper I think it looks lovely on you.

Pepper: So angry must kick something!


Oh dear!  Have you calmed down now Pepper?

Pepper: Yes.

Well its been a very long day, time to get you back home and to bed.

Pepper: G'night

Well Pepper didn't find love, but we did find food. One out of two isn't that bad.
Till next time. Byee!


  1. Well, I'm glad she found food at least! Maybe she'll have better luck finding a man later on. ^.^ And that trash bin had that coming! Just look at how menacing it was! Go, Pepper! Take out the trash!

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  3. Great work! Looking forward to the next one :)

  4. Keep up with the man hunt, Pep! You can do it