25 Sep 2014

1.3 When Pepper Met Geoff - A When Harry Met Sally Tale

Hello there!
Say hello to our lovely readers Pepper,

Pepper: Ummm, a little privacy?

Privacy? Pepper this is sims. Plus you can't afford walls yet. We still can't get you a fridge.

So when we left Pepper Mint she found food but not love in the park.  Maybe she will be luckier this time?

But first things first you need to get dressed Pepper, and then we are gonna head to the bar to eat and hopefully find you a guy.

Pepper: OMG these crisps are amazing!

Indeed those crisps look yummy. (chips for our american friends) You know why they taste so good?

Pepper: No gmofug.

Pepper don't talk with your mouth full of food! Its because they are free! Yup in the day time bars give out free food. I wish that happened in real life.

Quick Pepper eat up, there is a guy walking past the bar, (in the bar was just full of women, must have been ladies day)

Pepper: Pfft, Hi

Pepper don't be rude this could be your dream guy!
She is just grumpy because she wants some fun, if I can't afford to buy her a fridge I definitely can't buy her a TV.

Well least she met the guy he seems nice enough and not married! Come on Pep I'll take you to the gym to watch some TV.

What did you put on TV? Oh a cooking show of course, silly me. Nice to know that the traits in sims effect them a lot more now.

Lets get your mixology skills up a little, to the library!

Look who was in the library it's Geoff! The lovely guy from outside the bar.  They seemed to hit it off a bit. But I wanted to build Pepper's mixology skill before work.

I sent Pepper back home to sort herself out before work. And did a little bit of gathering to get some money.

I sold some stuff to buy a fridge! Wooo, no more bar snacks.

Then Pepper came home with a promotion!

I'm totally loving the new bonuses! Some more money and three counter tops! I didn't need to buy that cheap one after all! Pepper dug up a capsule before work, I got her to open it up and its little Chef Gino! I was a big fan of My Sims.

I placed him on the new countertops by the fridge. How fitting as Pepper wants to become a Chef.
So meet our new mascot Chef Gino!

Chef Gino: Buongiorno!

Next day was Pepper's day off. She got a phone call from Geoff asking if he could come over. She of course said yes. Might as well introduce him to the lawn, home!

Geoff is a little embarrassed because when he came over Pepper was on the toilet! She tried to cheer him up and we found out Geoff is a foodie! Aww like a perfect fit.

 Pepper tried a pick-up line. It did not go very well! Maybe love isn't in the cards yet.

Then just to rub salt in the wound, that meanie Geoff just right out and told our lovely Pepper he hates her! Look at her poor face!
Well Pepper don't you worry I'm sure we can find a better guy at the park, but first put some clothes on!

Pepper quickly got over Geoff and found this guy by the chess tables. He seemed nice but there was not romantic options. Pepper I know you're sad but don't turn into a cougar to try and woo teenage boys!

Chef Gino: Love stinks, and so does this plate!

Pepper got a promotion!

Promotion means new stuff! We got a nice kitchen sink and I used some of the money for a TV!

Now Pepper will be less stressy at me.

Next morning the toilet breaks, Sorry Pepper we have no spare cash to replace the toilet looks like you have to get your hands dirty!

Pepper: Ewwww toilet water, in my mouth!

Well Pepper has another day off today, So I sent her to try Oasis Springs. As all the men in Willow Creek are not very good.

As Pepper gets to Oasis Springs park, look who shows up! Geoff.
A quick scan around the park and they doesn't seam to be any eligible men. Too old / too young.

Pepper: I'm off to talk to Geoff

Wait why? Don't you remember what happened last time?

Pepper: I don't care! Maybe seeing him here was fate!

Well Pepper has her own mind.

She hits on him, and he likey! Maybe the desert heat warmed his cold bitter heart?

Pepper in her new work clothes, she looks so happy!

After work Pepper has some bills to pay. First bills of the Legacy!!!
And a nice shot of her "home" payed the bills off easy as she just got home from work.

Look wat appeared in the morning! A trash plant. I didn't knew such a thing existed. So now Pepper has a nice little Toilet Plant.

Pepper: I shall call him Stinky!

Thats ummm, lovely Pep. Oh look who has come over, Geoff.

They watched TV, on Pepper's bed. So glad I didn't have to buy a sofa.
They we're getting very flirty, and Pepper gave him a rose, how cute!

Then not long after, they shared their first kiss. She looks more into it then he does.
Then both did a happy dance when Pepper asked him to be her boyfriend,. What a silly couple.

So Pepper did find love in the end. First they were friends, then they hated each other, then friends again, then lovers. What a roller coaster!

Umm that's love? Watching your girlfriend shower while you take a pee? Oh what do I know I'm not a sim.

Hope you enjoyed this tale, true love never runs smoothly.
Hope you come back next time. I shall leave you with this:

Pepper's toilet plant "Stinky" had his first harvest.


  1. Absolutely loved the chapter! I loved Mysims as well and what fate it was to find Gino! :D That was so cool! I'm also so happy that Pepper finally found love and Stinky the trash plant! Awesome chapter and I'm looking forward to more! ^.^

  2. "Stinky" cracked me up. Love your story.