12 Oct 2014

1.4 Romance in the Park

Hello and welcome back!

So Pepper got herself a boyfriend! OOoooooOOOOooo
And we join both of them on their first date at the park.

Aww it looks like it is going strong.

Geoff: You smell like a vase of roses. Your skin is a green as their stems. *kissy noises*

Aww sweet I guess?

Oh what is it with all the weird sims hanging out in the park?

Keep moving random jogger lady! Pepper and Geoff are trying to have a moment, plus they need to hit it off, if I have any chance of doing well with this legacy challenge.

Pepper and Geoff don't look like they even care, they must be too wrapped up with each other. Awww.

Oh wow, I guess PDAs is their thing. Hey don't start on the next generation yet!
How about you two just chat and get to know each other a bit first.

Is Pepper talking about herself on a date? Oh dear you can't take her anywhere!
Pepper try asking him a few questions, and less about yourself.

Geoff: Oh hey, come join us! Pepper let me introduce you to my friend.

Umm Geoff thats not a good idea, thats a big fat no in Dating 101.
I can see Pepper having different thoughts about Geoff now. Quick lets get away from that home wrecker of a sim! Look at her smug face, I got my eyes on you Theresa Engle!

Thats better, they just needed a nice new location. Such a sweet image.
Oh we can all see what Geoff is thinking, the date is back on track!

Wait. What the hairy llama?
Home wrecker is back. Gosh we just can't get rid of this sim can we Pepper?

Pepper: Make like a banana in the presence of ice cream, and split!

OOoooh SNAP! You showed her!

Pepper: Selfie time!

Pepper & Geoff: Cheeeeeese

Speaking of cheese, looks like the couple is hungry lets see if there is some food out.

Aww they found some food and are having a lovely picnic in the park. Looks like hamburgers yummy!

Geoff: Those burgers sure were yummy!

Pepper: Yeah, do you like wedding cake?

Oh I see where this is going, not the smoothest you could have done, but close enough!

Geoff: I do like wedding cake.

Pepper: Will you marry me, so we can eat cake together?

Geoff: Yesss!


We fast forward to the next day, the sun was setting when Pepper proposed, everyone needed to sleep.

Pepper gets a call in the morning and Geoff comes over. I know you're shocked.

I got Pepper to change into something a little more formal for the ceremony. Pepper couldn't afford a big wedding so a nice private one on the lawn had to do. In the "kitchen" classy!

Whispering their vows so intimate.

Ring on the finger and its official! Pepper and Geoff are married woot woot!

And the confetti confirms it.

Welcome to the Mint legacy family Geoff.

A happy ending after all.
Tune in next time!

Say bye Pepper.

Pepper: ............

Oh I guess she is busy, oh newly weds.

Bye everyone!

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