16 Oct 2014

1.5 Welcome to the Lawn, Geoff


Last time we welcomed Geoff to the Mint family.
Lets get a closer look at him:

So this is Geoff, as you can see he is very happy.

Look at that grin! This might having something to do with he has just gotten married and moved in to a lovely home plot of land.
Lets look at his aspiration and his traits.

Oh a wanna be Master Chef just the same a Pepper. Looks like they are both having the same job.

Childish, Art Lover and Foodie.  Not bad traits.
What the? He only has NINE days till he becomes wrinkly old man. Oh dear best get on making those little mini Mints. At least when he becomes old and wrinkly he can still have kids. Just have to be careful he doesn't break a hip or something.

You know what they say, new man, new bed! What they don't say that?
Oh well in this case it's true.
I got a nice double bed and rearranged the items a little. Still no walls.

Now I'm sure you have all noticed that some how Pepper turned into She-Hulk. Pretty much over night, so to get her less ripped, I sent her on a jog to slim down a little. Its scary it looks like she could break Geoff in two.

While Pepper was getting less ripped Geoff was having a go at fishing.

I wonder if he is going to be better than Pepper, it looks off to a good start. For one his hook is in the water. Point to Geoff.

And not too long before he caught something! A teeny tiny fish of some sort. He looks happy though.
Well done Geoff.

Geoff: Thanks!

Meanwhile Pepper finished her jog, and started cleaning the shower. I guess its gets dirtier faster with two bodies washing in there.
And look Stinky is still going strong.  Aww our little toilet plant.

Pepper has gone off to work. Before she left Pepper instructed Geoff to look after Stinky while she was gone.
Geoff looks like he is getting on just fine in his new "home".
On a side note I really need to get some walls.

Oh and if by magic, Pepper got a promotion, that means money! And hopefully the start of an actual house.
Turns out I need a little bit more cash to build stuff.

Pepper: I need a pee!

Well go then, I dunno why you are telling me. You should of gone before you went to sleep.
Oh Pep you still look like She-Hulk. I guess I'd just have to put up with it for a bit.

While Pepper was waving her hands in the air like she was flagging down a plane, Geoff sleeps soundly on his first night of being Mr. Mint. I guess nothing wakes him up.

Geoff gets up and him and Pep want to have a chat over the kitchen tops. What odd balls.
You two can't do that once I get walls!! But looking at Pepper's arms she could probably just smash through them anyway.

So we, well the Mint family, need some money and I figure the best way is to go gathering up some stuff.

Geoff: I wonder if there's pirate gold in this rock.

Umm I don't think so Geoff, but you never know this is sims after all.

Time for Pep to go to work, in her fancy new work clothes!
Pepper you look aMaizeing! Tehee.

Pepper: *Rolls eyes*

Hey I have another one!
Pepper,  Gouda luck at work.

Pepper: Oh look, I'm late for work. Gotta go bye!

Pfft sims.

Anyway.... I managed to build a Bathroom, its very ugly and has no wallpaper or carpet. But hey its a start.
Look Stinky is still there just now he is guarding the door. Speaking of stinky......

Pepper is home and her and Geoff are having what I thought was a nice chat on the bed eating dinner.
Turns out Pepper needs a wash and Geoff isn't afraid to show what he is thinking.
Geoff forever an A-hole.

I sent Pepper to have a shower, and Geoff needed the toilet as well. Glad to see they are both enjoying the new bathroom, minus the bath.

Now that Pepper has freshened up and Geoff feels 'lighter'
They quickly started flirting with each other.

 Bumpy covers and hearts over the bed mean one thing, its baby making time!
We needed the pitter patter of tiny little Mint feet soon.

After they were.....finished.
I sent Pepper to take a pregnancy test. Fingers crossed!

Yay, happy confetti means Pepper isn't just making rolls at work she has a bun in her own oven!

Yay first time and pregnant!
Pepper is so happy she tells Geoff.

He looks at gleeful as she does.  Happy parents to be.
With a new baby on the way, will Geoff and Pepper manage to get enough money together to build a house for their little one?

Hopefully we'll find out next time!

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  1. Off to a good start for the next generation. ;)