26 Oct 2014

1.6 Growing slowly

Welcome back readers!
We left last time on very happy news, we have an heir on the way, hopefully!
Incase you haven't clicked on over to the 'About Mint Legacy' section of this blog, here is a little recap of my own succession rules:

Gender Law: Equality

The Founder may be of either gender. Both boys and girls are eligible for the title of heir.

Bloodline Law: Strict Traditional

To be eligible to be named heir, a child must be naturally born from their previous-generation parents and be able to trace an unbroken bloodline back to the founder. Adopted children may never be named heir.

Heir Law: Green Skin

(This is my made up law) To follow on the true Mint name the heir must be of green skin.

So those are my three rules for picking an heir. Back to our Sims.

We join Pepper and Geoff back on their lawn. Oh no! With happy news comes sucky news.
The Bills are due.

Luck that I always make sure I have a little rainy day fund in my sims bank account.

Pepper: So I had to pay the bills again today!
Geoff: Hmmm? Oh thats nice hunny.

Oh married life, lucky for Geoff, Pepper has other things on her mind, then to give Geoff a piece of hers.

Joys of soon to be parenthood, Pepper is going to be a little more cranky lately. Due to our first little sim baby of the challenge.

Pepper: I'm telling you, everything tastes funny, this salad tastes like rubbish! Literally, like black plastic bags and rotting food. I think this child has it in for me!

Geoff: Well, I did ask if you wanted me to make you a grilled cheese sandwich, but you said cheese makes you queasy.

Pepper: Oh I don't know what I want!

Okay guys calm down! Here Pepper to take your mind off salad and cheese. Why don't you  read up on your mixology skill so you can get that promotion, we can't have that little Mint living in the middle of a field.

While Pepper is keeping busy reading about the difference between Beer and Bourbon. I got Geoff to leave her alone to clean/fix the bathroom.

Awww look how homely it looks with its odd toilet bookshelf. Now my sims can gain some knowledge while on the porcelain throne. >_<
In reality I needed a bookshelf and this was the only wall I have. So toilet library it is!

Pepper is off to work and looks happy about it, look at how big she is now!

Both Geoff and Pepper end up going to work and look who stops by to knock on the toilet door.....

I hope my fellow readers remember her, why if it isn't that date wrecker, (she still can't colour coordinate her outfit) Theresa Engle. I know your motives.
Try and seduce Geoff when his poor pregnant wife is at work, shame on yooooou!

Don't fret readers she got bored and left fairly quickly, before Geoff and Pepper got home. At least Mrs. Engle has one good point, she has the attention span of a gnat.

Pepper with her red plumbob and pouty lip means only one thing. That little Mint is doing a dance and pushing on our poor founders bladder. Toilet time!
Oh and incase you are wondering my eagle-eyed readers, Pepper got home from work and needed to have a quick sleep, thus her bed wear.

All nice and dressed now, Pepper decides she wants to wave to get my attention.

Pepper: Hellllllooooooooooooo!?

Hello Pepper what do you want?

Pepper: I need something, I feel funny. My tummy it hurts.

Oh Pepper is the baby due already? Quick he have to get you to the hospital and....

Pepper: Oh I know what it is! *Grumble noise* I'm...I'm hungry!

-face palm-

Then why don't you make some food then? You are a chef in training.

Pepper: Laar lar laar, dum dee dum.

 Pepper: Mmmm, yummy. But I really want a McSims with double fries and a large milkshake.

Then why didn't you make yourself a burger then?

Pepper: Ummm... Pregnancy brain?

Pepper: OoooooOOoooh. Thinking about that yummy food makes me feel ill!

Oh Pepper. What are we going to do with you.

Well readers, hopefully next time Pepper will figure out this whole pregnancy thing.
Say good bye.

Pepper: Oh do come again soon Goodb... *runs to the toilet*
Geoff: ....Bye...

Oh Geoff  >_< a man of such little words.

Hope to see you next time, Bye!

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