27 Oct 2014

1.7 Dr Creepy

Hello readers!

You join us as Pepper is well into her pregnancy now, say hello Pepper.

Pepper: Dum dee dummm....

Hey Pepper don't be rude!
Say hello to our lovely readers.
Hey Pepper where are you going with that book?

Really...Pepper reading on the toilet? We just started the blog post and already your on the loo.
I guess the book must be that interesting...

Geoff: Hey! I can feel little him/her kick. Hello little one, it's Daddy.

This would be a really cute picture if it wasn't for Dr Creepy, peering over Pepper's boob.

Pepper: Ooouchie! My back is killing me!
Dr. Creepy strikes again.

Geoff: Come here hunny, I'll rub it better for you.

Awww how sweet! And look no Dr. Creepy. ^_^

Pepper: Thanks for fixing that, It keeps breaking we should really get a new one.

Geoff: We can't afford it not if we want to have a house before the little one comes. Besides I don't mind fixing things. It makes me feel manly.

Pepper: Oh you are silly, I would give you a hand, but the baby is letting me eat cheese today. Yes!

Wow Pepper is really getting big, I needed to get a shot of them together, and Geoff is grinning like an idiot.

Aww in the early morning Pepper wakes up to go to the toilet. It looks like she is hungry again. That sim sure can eat! Best send her to make some food.

Oh Pepper I said make some food not make a mess! Look little blurry leaves and tomatoes are flying all over the place! I hope you are going to clean that up after.
Look at the Grin of Dr. Creepy I don't know about you readers but I'm sure he has something to do with it!

So after what was left of her food I got Pepper to study mixology. She leveled up.

Well done Pepper you must be so proud.

Pepper: Yeah I'm feeling confident. I can master anything!

So confident Pepper 'peed like a champion'  ummm... well done Pepper.

Still feeling confident she decided to sweep Geoff off his feet with a suave hand kiss.
Personally I think it looked liked it hurt Pep's back, but lets not ruin their fun.

Geoff: Oh my!

After all that hand kissing, they built up an appetite. Having a nice lunch on the bed.

Geoff: So at work, I told Bob that a dinosaur could beat Batman in a fight. It was no competition.

Pepper: I agree, a T-rex would have his head off before he could throw his first batarang.

Oh they are so right for each other.

On another note, has anyone noticed that Geoff has had an accident while fixing something? Seriously if you go back through this post and and look a Geoff's hand, He has a wrench sticking out of it.

Pepper: Hunny I know it will cost some money, but we can get that thing out of your hand. You dont have to suffer.

Look what time is is! Labor time, soon we will have a little new sim!

Quick Geoff and Pepper, to the hospital!

Look at how calm and 'I'm in labor so what?' attitude Pepper is giving. She freaks out about going to the toilet but giving birth, not a problem.

Geoff on the other hand looks like a crazed Haunter, look at his grabby hands!

Tune in next time to find out what Pepper had!


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  1. When you said find out what she had it sounded like you weren't sure if it was a baby lol