28 Oct 2014

1.8 Sweet as Toffee

Hello readers!
I know I left you on a bit of a cliffhanger last post, so lets not dilly dally.

Yes Pepper and Geoff have a little baby boy, meet Toffee Mint. 

Sadly he took after his dad in the skin department. So this little fellow can never be our heir. Poor little one.

New baby new house! I forgot to turn off the grid but you get the idea.
Its starting to look like a real house, couldn't afford windows, lights, carpet or wallpaper. Just the walls and the doors. Houses are so expensive!

So sorry my dear readers about the poor lighting of the next few posts. I tried to lighten it up the best I could on photoshop. The indoor images will be better soon as the Mint family can afford windows or lighting.

Lets check on the new parents shall we?

Shhhh, Pepper is fast asleep. Poor thing. Glad to see Geoff is stepping up and looking after Toffee.

Geoff: Feeding time, open wide for the bottle.

Geoff trying to have a conversation with his son. He still hasn't got the wrench removed from his hand, you would of thought he would have asked the doctors to help him out, as he was there.

Geoff: Hello my little Prince, welcome to your own little castle. I know its not much but I promise it soon will be.

Pepper wakes up not long after and has some mother son bonding time.

Pepper: Shhhh.... it's okay, who is my cute little boy?


Geoff: Knife attack! Sorry tomatoes you are not match for my blades of steel!

Geoff: Ooops! Hope no one saw that.

Oh Geoff, everyone has seen that, there is no escaping from the ever watching eyes of Me!
What is wrong with you? Oh, I know it's that odd wrench hand accident you had.
Must be hard mixing that salad with that sticking out of your palm.

A sweet little photo of our little sim family all fast asleep.
Lets see what tomorrow brings.

Geoff and Pepper having a nice social breakfast on their new kitchen table.
Well Geoff is reading and Pepper is thinking about the thing she is eating, but I swear they were talking earlier!

Soon one of Geoff's old friends stops by the house.....

Pepper joins in the conversation. And it turns into what looks like an odd Pepper sandwich.
Soon Geoff has to leave for work and its just the two of them.

Okay Pep lets find out what kind of company Geoff keeps?
He hates children and he is insane! Quick Pepper kick him off your lawn.
Good job we didn't invite that nutter into our home to meet Toffee.
I shudder to think what he would have done.

Phew, now that nutter has gone, Pepper can relax and show off her sweet ass cooking tricks.

More sweet ass tricks.
I don't know how effective that bowl spin mixing technique is, but I'm not a chef. All I know that is the right way to do it.
Look Chef Gino approves.

Chef Gino: Ben Fatto! (Well done)

Geoff came home and he got himself a promotion! Well done Geoff.

That really helps as I spent all of the simoleons on building that sad looking house. Ooops!
Soon little Toffee will be a child and we need to give him a room and a bed.

Tune in next time for more random things and to see what little Toffee looks like when he grows up.


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