31 Oct 2014

Link Party! Theme: Funny Moment

Hey Readers!

I'm hosting my first link party!

What is a Link Party?
A linky party is a post on another website featuring a tool that allows you to post your own projects onto the hosting website, with a photo and a link back to your site.  It’s a great way to highlight and share your best content. It’s referred to as a party because a lot of bloggers ‘get together’  to share their work for the week and its a great place to network and ‘meet’  new bloggers.

So that is it in a nut shell.
When its starts (1st November) a little blue button will appear below. Click that and fill in your information.

It will look a little similar to this:

URL: Copy and paster your blog post that you want to share, (not a link to your home page)
Name: Not your name, the title of what you are sharing.
Email: Your email address, don't worry its nothing sinister. Its just so I can send you an email if I host another one.
**BUT you don't have to add an email address.**

The you go onto the next page, where you get to select a photo. From the page you linked too.
Make sure its a nice one ^_^

And thats is, remember to follow the rules!
This is to help other fellow sim bloggers and find new stories to read.

Oh and theme - Funny moment that happened in your game.

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