11 Jan 2015

1.27 Garlic-less Noodles

Hello and welcome back!

Hello Pepper, how are you on this lovely sim day?

Pepper: Sigh

Awww why so glum chum?

Pepper: Oh it's silly really, I feel like I haven't spent any time with my family. Work is getting in the way.

Awww well I'm sure we can fix that.

Toffee + Lime: Hey Mom! We missed you.

Awww family moment time. It's hard to keep all the members of the family happy and get them to spend time with each other. Sometimes all we need is a hug.
I'm sure Pepper is feeling much better now. ^_^

Lime had a really good brisk shower and now is ready to face the school day.
Our little heir had some time to kill before school, so why not hip bump with your older brother?

Or maybe we are witnessing the 'Secret Brother Handshake' greeting?
Because we all know when the body snatchers come, we need some code to find out if our loved ones are really them.
You don't want to be sharing a room with aliens do you?

Toffee: So.... If we put together both of our pocket money and invest it into the Chocolate Mice stocks. I have a good feeling that we will double our investment in three weeks!

Lime: Ummmm....

Oh Toffee you are wise beyond your sim years.

Now dear readers it's time for...
Cooking with Pepper and Dr.F

Dr.F: Keep stirring dear girl, we don't want ze noodles to boil over!

Pepper: Okay, okay! I'm stirring them, Don't forget I am very high up in the culinary career. I think I know how to make garlic noodles.

Pepper: Ummm... Am I forgetting something?

Dr.F: You nincompoop! You forgot ze garlic!

Oh Geoff is here to taste the first batch. I wonder what he thinks. Lets hope Pepper got the chance to put in the garlic.

Hey Geoff what do you think of Pepper's noodles?

Geoff: Ummm... It needs more veg. Like peppers and tomatoes and broccoli.

Oh shush Geoff, you don't know what you are talking about. Look the quality is excellent, also tomatoes are a fruit not a vegetable.

After insulting Pepper's cooking, they both disappear into the kids room....

Don't worry Readers nothing dirty is going on there.

At least I don't think so.....Strange goings on indeed.

Geoff: Then at work Jones makes this odd noise in his throat. Causing the whole room to start laughing! Just as the Boss turns around the corner.

Pepper: Oh wow, how embarrassing! >_<

Snorasaurus: ....Blink....

Geoff: Hey Mr. Snorasaurus you're stuffed with horrid stuff. Like poop. Nar nar na na nar!

Wow Geoff that childish trait is rearing its ugly head again. How about you do something more appropriate for your age?

Geoff: Humph!

Thats much better. Reading up on your mixology skill while listening to classical music. How very grown up.

Thats it for todays post Readers.
Best leave quietly we don't want Geoff to start accusing you, that you are stuffed with poop!

Till next time.
Bye byes.


  1. Hehe! Another absolutely hilarious chapter! Loved it so much! I love the cooking with Dr.F! Stir those noodles Pepper! The brothers are adorable with their hand shake/hip bump. ^_^
    Can't wait for more!

    1. Aww you are just too nice with your lovely comments *blush*