15 Dec 2014

1.26 Broken Everything Broken

Welcome back Readers!

So last time we were spending the day with the younger members of the family....

Blup blump splooosh

Umm what's that noise?

Oh it's the sink, again! This thing is always breaking. I'm feeling flash with my cash and I'm going to buy the Mint family a new one.

Look at that nice new sink, Readers! Nice and chrome looking, I always thought the old one looked rusty.
To carry on the theme with new stuff, I brought the boys a computer. Now I know it looks like something from the early 2000s but a computer is a computer. 

To build up Lime's aspiration he needed to play games and practice typing. So, voila, new PC.

I don't have a clue about what he is typing but he looks very into it. Maybe some fanfiction?

Toffee comes to pester his younger brother, while he's working.

When Lime is getting a little annoyed with Toffee, Geoff comes home from work with this moodlet:

Awww Geoff did something silly at work, poor him. As he is old, he gets tired so quickly so I sent him to bed. Maybe he will feel better in the morning.

Night night Geoff!

Oh poop! Look what else is broken today. Its not a very good appliance day today.
I'm still feeling a little bit generous so I got a new shower too. 

I like this shower, it has a little shelf for all your little sim toiletries. 

How was the shower Lime?

Lime: Really nice, it didn't get cold once!  

Good good!

To tick off some more of Limes aspiration he needed to play 10 hours of games.
Here he is playing Sims 1 Forever. Me playing Sims watching my Sims play Sims, Sim-ception.

Lime are you trying to get Bella and Mortimer to woohoo in the hot tub?

It seems that everyone likes to hang out in the kids room, thats maybe because we have our third breaking appliance of the post!

Yup the floor TV also broke today.
I guess Sims is like real life, when one thing breaks everything breaks!
He is a lovely shot of Geoff playing in the rubbish  searching for upgrade parts.
Geoff is our Mister Fixit around the house. He isn't a very high level but he gets things done.

Lets hope nothing else breaks in our next post!

Till next time....
Bye byess

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