14 Dec 2014

1.25 When the Parents are Away


Lets jump in shall we?
It's the weekend and Pepper and Geoff have to work. Their work patterns are all over the place.
The two Mint boys have the whole house to themselves, lets see what crazy things they are getting up to...

Oh having a nice normal breakfast of grilled cheese and knowledge!
So boys what have you got planned today?

Lime: I dunno

Lime no talking with your mouth full! 

Toffee: some extra credit homework?

Well as fun as that sounds I don't think the Readers really want a post about you two sitting in the house doing nothing.


Lime: So what now?

I dunno why don't you guys play on the monkey bars?

Aww look who's there, it's the little black haired girl. 

Who is that creepy guy in the background just standing there watching the kids play. 
Stranger danger....again!

Toffee runs off to find some food and Lime follows.....

Eeep! Careful Lime! 
That angry guy is back! He is the scariest sim I've seen in the game. He looks like he captures kids and grinds their bones to make his bread.
Lucky Lime avoided his capture and headed for the picnic tables.

Yummy free food.
Hey guys this is where your parents got engaged. 
Oh they don't seem that interested, well it was a fun fact anyway.  

Lime heads back to the park to play hit on the girls.

Lime: Hey how you doin'? Wanna hang out?

Oh Lime, I'd be amazed if that worked.
How about you and Toffee go play on the pirate ship?

Lime: Ahoy! I see monsters ahead! 

Toffee: Where?

Lime: Starboard

Toffee: Where? I'm looking starboard

Lime: No your other starboard!

Woo look I got an achievement! I am truly a whimsical sims player.

Oh boys its getting late your Mom and Dad will worry.

Toffee: Come on Lime! We are going to be late.

Lime: Awww just a few more minutes 

Oh no Mister, you have to go now. I don't want your Mother to be angry at me. Have you seen her angry? You won't like her when she's angry, mainly because she reminds me of the Hulk. So get your butt moving!

Toffee: Hey Mom! I had fun at the park today with Lime. How was work? I missed you!

Aww so super sweet!

Next time, the Mint family get new things, mainly because they keep breaking.
Exciting times!

That's all for now,
Bye byess

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