12 Dec 2014

1.24 Groovy Geoff

Hello Readers, welcome back.

Last time was a little mini update on the Mint family, and what Mom and Dad get up to when the kids go to school. Turns out nothing very interesting.

So Toffee and Lime return from school. Toffee gets straight on completing his homework and gets a nice little confidences boost.

He is such a little smarty pants.
As he was feeling confident I thought I'd get him working on his skills. To be a mad scientist!

He was working away gained a skill point or two and this little message popped up:

I didn't even know that you could make potions on the science table, makes sense though.
I haven't had a chance to use it yet. I'm going to save it for a rainy day.

I bet you're wondering what about our little heir to be, Lime?
Well when is older brother was completing his home work, Lime is grooving out with his Dad.

Awesome dance moves Geoff. Could you dance anymore like a Dad?

Geoff: Humm, What? This is what all the kids are doing.

Lime: Looking good, Dad!

Oh Lime don't encourage him!

Lucky Geoff had to go to work, so no more awful dance moves.
Pepper is still at work so Lime decides to invite the two girls over that he met at the park.

Things seem to be going well. I'm thinking double wedding! Is that creepy? I think it is...
I'll see how things turn out as they get older, but Readers things look promising.

Toffee is left to entertain the girls.
Apparently the little blonde girl loves talking about Steven Tyler. I mean come on Readers who doesn't secretly love a bit of Aerosmith?

From Mr. Tyler to Pepper Mint...... 
Okay you got me I couldn't think of a good transition.
Pepper got her promotion! Wooooo! Money!
I'm glad making friends helped.   

Pepper sits down and talks to the girls, they don't seem prejudiced about green skin, so they are good in Pepper's book.
Pepper thanks the girls for coming over and sends them home, as it is getting late and it's a school night.

As to prove how late it is, Lime hops straight into his new bed to dream about happy child-like things.
I got him a nice blue bed, sorry Toffee that your bed is still pink!

Goodnight Lime,
Bye bye Readers, hope to see you next time!

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