11 Dec 2014

1.23 When the kids are away

Welcome back Readers!

Last time we saw Lime grow into a young boy, this post starts off with him leaving for his first day at school.

Look there he goes, in his smart 'cool kid wear'.
Bye Lime hope your first day at school is a nice one.

Lime: Thanks!

As the kids are off to school Pepper has some free time. What does Pepper like to do in her free time apart from cheating at chess? Yup you've guessed it, cook.

Woooah Pepper! Careful we don't have a fire alarm in the house yet.

Pepper: What? I'm just flambĂ©ing the fish

Mmmm some how I don't trust you, you say flambĂ©ing I say fire hazard.

Well there was some hazard, Pepper broke the oven.

Dr.F: Wrong again girly!

Oh joy, what is it now Dr. Creepy?

Dr.F: Whom is this Doctor Creepy you keep referring too, I am the GREAT genius scientist Dr.F

More like crazed mad scientist....

Dr.F: Silence! It was I who broke the oven. I was using this oven here as a capacitor. To work on research first discovered by Nikola Tesla!

What? Nope you're banned from doing anymore experiments!

Dr.F: But...

No buts! Don't make me move you to the toilet! 

As Geoff is hard at work fixing the broken oven, Pepper chats to her friend. Gotta keep those friendships high.
I like to think this picture sums up Pepper and Geoffs relationship. 

Pepper says goodbye to her friend, her and Geoff have a nice lunch date on Toffee's bed. A little odd, I have a perfectly good table in the kitchen guys!

Don't worry Readers. Pepper thanks Geoff in the end, for his help in fixing the oven, with a sweet kiss. 
Aww at times like these I forget about all thier quirky parenting techniques, they actually look like a normal couple.

A nice short and sweet post today, about what Pepper and Geoff get up to when the kids are at school.
Turns out not a lot really!

See you next time.

Bye byess 

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