10 Dec 2014

1.22 Lime, Ripe and Ready

Hello Readers!

Cue the fanfaire noises!
As today's post is about Lime. He is no longer a little green crying thing. That we couldn't see much of. He is now a child!

This is what he looked like when he aged up.....

Oh nice crew cut and pink shoes you have there Lime.
Silly kids they can't dress themselves.

I used the aspiration and trait picker, Lime is now a Cheerful Rambunctious Scamp.
Wow could you be any more different from your older brother?

 I restyled Lime to fit his new personality. Mainly sporty attire with a cute little ghost hat!

Careful Readers! We are about to see some classic Pepper parenting in action.

Pepper: Write those answers!

Seriously Pepper what are you doing? You look so mean when you teach. Good job there isn't any teaching careers you could go into. I'd fear for the children!

Lime aged up at an odd time, so Pepper had to go to work and Toffee was at school. 
Geoff decided to take his son to the park for a run around, as he is a 'rambunctious scamp'.
Lime was so happy with this idea that he gave his Dad a biiiiig hug. Look at that cute little face.

Geoff wandered off to play chess, as he is an elder now.
Don't worry about Lime though he is fast to make some lady friends!

I didn't catch their names but they are cute, look at those unmatching socks!

Lime: Hey how's it going?

Girls: Good, good.

Awww awkward beginnings!

Oh gosh! Its not a trip to the park without the local nutters showing up.

Lady: Get it? Te chicken flaps it wings but it can't fly!

Lime and the Girls: ............

Congratulations, your jokes are worse than Pepper's.

On a completely unrelated note, Toffee came home from school with a B! Woo congratulations!!

Whaaat? 4 skills to level 4? Aaaaarg so much effort.
I don't think little Toffee will be an A student. But I'll try my hardest Readers!

Pepper's friend comes over for a nice chat about, what looks like soda cans? 
I'm glad to see Pepper is making her own effort in making friends, because we need the promotion money. Look at how sad the kids room is, it looks like a prison.  

Even Toffee agrees. Looks like he is reading 'How to Get Rich Quick' books.....again.
While Toffee is worried about the family finances Pepper is playing chess. 

Pepper: OMG! Is that a UFO???

Lady (sorry I forgot her name): What? Where?

When I said Pepper is playing chess what I really meant is Pepper is cheating at chess.
I think she still lost the game though, oh Pepper you can't even cheat right.

Everyone has a nice little get together around the dining table. I like to see Lime is keeping the crowd entertained. Look at his cute little football PJs, I was worried about him being our heir but he has won me over with his charm.   
Pepper's friend comes over to say she is leaving and with those goodbyes Old Man Geoff gets to bed.

Two brothers are getting along really well. Talking about stuff that Pepper has no interest in.

Pepper: Hmmm? What I swear I saw Chef Gino move.

Oh Pepper you are imagining things.

Chef Gino: *Wink*

Anybody else notice that Pepper's feet can't touch the floor? Just like her sons. I still find it hard to believe Pepper is a Mother at times.

Lime: Goodnight Snoreasurus. Goodnight Readers. 

Awww goodnight Lime.

And goodbye to you Readers.
Next time, Pepper tries to burn down the family home.

Bye byessss

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