9 Dec 2014

1.21 No Quiet for Geoff

Hello Readers!

Last time, (how could we forget?) Toffee had gotten so very angry with school he did an Angry Poop.

I can promise you readers that no more Angry Poops this post.

Toffee: Dad can you help with this question?

Geoff: Sure, how about a llama joke first?

Toffee: Okay!

Geoff: A Llama asks a Goat if he would like to go on a picnic as it was such a nice day. The Goat of course agrees. The Llama then says "Good, Alpaca Lunch!"

Toffee + Geoff: Hahaha!


Oh! Who is that at the door?

Pepper invited some people over. Back on the quest for pepper to make friends. 
Aww someone showed up not looking too happy, Pepper is straight in there with a hug and some kind words.

Pepper: It's okay, things will get better.

Pepper decides to clear the air with a few funny stories and jokes.

Luckily for her, these people find her hilarious.
All apart from that creepy guy!

Guy: Booobs?

I'm sure that is the mean guy who hates kids, he's always shows up! Quick Pepper get rid of him.

Once that guy left Pepper invited the rest of the guests over. 
Some guests don't know what occupied means. 

Lady: Oh! Geoff is it? I'm so sorry.

Geoff: Ummm....

Toffee: Hey what's going on in here? Eeeeek! Dad!

Oh heaven forbid you saw your Dad having a poop, no need to get super embarrassed. It's not like you saw him naked Toffee.  

Still embarrassed by seeing his Dad take a poop he has to hide from the world in his pink bed.

Too bad the world wont listen. The world's worst guests are back. I swear they don't have the word private in their vocabulary.

They both barge in to Toffee's room while he is hiding, to read some books. Pepper must not have been doing a very good job at entertaining her guests.
I know what you are thinking Readers,
"Maybe that's the only bookcase in the house and these guests need their printed word fix"
Nope! There is a lovely bookshelf in the kitchen / livingroom / dining room.
But these odd guests need to use a child's bookcase. Super rude!

When I got everyone out of Toffee's room to socialize in the kitchen, Geoff came into the kids room to escape the noise.

Gee Geoff I guess you really are an old man. >﹏<

It made me laugh that he decided to strike up a conversation with Snoreasurus.

Geoff: You see I have all these wonderful creative ideas, and no one will listen to them.

Awww Geoff, maybe I should get you to cook more, to let out all of those creative ideas.
Naaaaa! You get so sleepy and grumpy when you finish work now.

Anyway Readers that's it for this blog post.

It's nice in the end that Geoff found a quiet place, even if it was in Toffee and Lime's room.

Till next time!
Bye byessss

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