8 Dec 2014

1.20 Angry Poop

Welcome Readers!

You'll be glad to know Geoff has calmed down since the last post. He has stopped flashing Pepper his old man arms in a chance to woo her.

Lime: Waaaaaaa! Waaaaa!

Oh quick Pepper, Lime is crying!

Little Lime started crying in the early hours of the morning, and before he could wake up his elder brother, Pepper swooped in to save the day.

Little Lime made a stinky, oh speaking of stinky look Readers!

Stinky upgraded again! I bet a stinky trash plant has never gotten so much love.

 Speaking of upgrading, Geoff takes it upon himself to upgrade the ever breaking shower.

 While Geoff is upgrading things Pepper makes a plate of grilled cheese for the family.

Dr.F: Wrong!

Excuse me?

Dr.F: It was I, who crafted the cheese that is grilled.

Really? I'm quite sure I watched Pepper make it.

Dr.F: Your are severely mistaken girl. This was made with science! It is an evilly mad creation. Only one who is truly a mad genius could undertake the making of  this!  This gooey cheesey meal, that makes you fat! Mwahahahaha!

Okay...... Whatever you say Dr. Creepy.

Anyway on to more interesting news.
This little notification popped up:

Oh silly Toffee! What are we going to go with you.
As he is a good boy he confessed his mistake to the teacher.

I think that teacher was mean, poor Toffee! I hope he is okay.

Ever wonder what Geoff and Pepper do when Toffee is at school?

They cook together!

Pepper: So sweetie will you wash up as I cook?

Geoff: Sure thing.

Oh that didn't last long. Geoff gets bored and goes to watch T.V
Or maybe, just maybe he is scared of Pepper's crazy double handed chopping skills.

Toffee comes home in a horrid mood. I'm guessing from his test mix-up. 

He is so angry that he takes it out on Snorasaurus. Poor thing, he did nothing to you Toffee.
I think we know where you get your anger from, your Mother. Older Readers remember the bin incident?

Have you ever been so very, incredibly angry you just neeeed to take an Angry Poop?
Nope? Well Toffee sure felt the need to.

Pepper's Mother instinct is tingling! (So she does have one, Readers)  

Pepper: Hunny, what's wrong?

Toffee: School, teachers, tests they all suck!

Pepper: Shuuuush it's going to be okay... calm down.

Toffee: Shut up! You don't get it! You don't get anything!

Toffee: Ss..ssorry Mom! I didn't mean it. I was just so angry. 

Pepper: It's okay, all forgiven. We all get angry sometimes.

Toffee: Selfie time!

Toffee + Pepper: Cheeeeesssse!

Toffee: Wow that was such a good photo, I can't wait to show my friends at school!

Awww another happy ending!

See you soon Readers!

Bye byes


  1. I have a few trash plants. I think I might try nurturing them, lol. Great chapter. I like your Sims!

  2. I threw away my first and only trash plant as soon as I saw it.
    Was so grossed by it didn't even think about cultivating it.

    BTW, I was waiting for the ultimate angry poop pic!