7 Dec 2014

1.19 Crazy Face

Hello dear Readers!

I said last post that Pepper is trying to make some friends.
As a Sims player I suck really badly at building Sim relationships. Keeping them is even harder. Out of sight out of mind deal.

So why put myself through the hassle of getting Pepper some mates?
She needs 5 friends to get a promotion at work. That means more money!

I sent Pepper on her day off to the bar / nightclub 

Look at that face, who wouldn't want to talk to her?

That is seriously the creepiest / silliest face I've ever seen. She looks like a cross between The Joker and The Mask!

After a few jokes Pepper seems to be winning over her public. Flash those crazy eyes!

Pepper: Wait where has everyone gone?

I dunno Pepper, but that chair thinks you're funny.

To stop herself being so glum at clearing out the whole place. I got Pepper to give herself a pep-talk.
Don't worry Pepper better luck next time!

Anyway, back at the Mint house....

Toffee: You would not believe what happened today at school! I was like.....and then he was saying..... so then we.......

Snorasaurus: ....*blink*....

Toffee I don't think Snorasaurus is in a talking mood, how about you chat to your Dad?  

Toffee: So at school......The teacher was so angry at...... but it was okay. I talk to......about....

Geoff: Oh!....Really?....Wow that was lucky.

Geoff: Come here you! I'm so proud your doing well at school.

Toffee: Aww Dad!

By the way Pepper awesome job at parenting.

I always find after a nice moment, a bad thing always happens. Especially in Sims....

Oh no bill time! We have had a few bill times in this Sim game, but this is the first when this has happened.

Yup, the Mint Family are poor!
And both Geoff and Pepper have their days off, so no cash flow coming in.

I sent Geoff around the area to dig up some treasure to sell. Lucky me and Geoff found enough to sell so Pepper could pay the bills.

Pepper: Bye bye Money...

Pepper: Yum yoghurt!

Wait! Pepper where did you get that from? You didn't have it a minute ago.

Pepper: It was in my pocket.

Pepper you've haven't got any pockets...

Toffee: Hmmm.... I should probably do the dishes. I think one of them is starting to smell.

Aww what a good boy you are!

After cleaning the dishes, it's time for Toffee to get his homework done.
Geoff pitches in and helps Toffee complete it faster.

Apparently Geoff thinks he did such an amazing job at helping out. He has become super confident.
Geoff you are such a big head!

Anyway Readers lets leave Geoff to walk around the house all cocky. Showing Pepper his old man muscles, so sexy!
You're very lucky I didn't capture that moment, your eyes can thank me later.

Till next time.

Bye byesss

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