30 Nov 2014

1.18 Dr Creepy strikes again

Hello again Readers.

I thought I'd start off showing Toffee being super focused ready to do his homework!
Such a bright cookie ^_^

After some much needed homework time, little Toffee decided to spend some quality time with....? 

Hey Toffee what exactly is your giant green friend's name?

Toffee: Well... You know you always comment on how you can hear snoring coming from my room?

Yesss. That because you're aslee...?

Toffee: It's not me! It's Snorasaurus. He makes these crazy noises when his happy, that sound exactly like snores.

Oh, okay sure Toffee. He must of been super excited last night then.

Toffee: *blushes*

So little Toffee and Snorasaurus apparently are getting on great. I love this little message, so cute!

Pepper is busy so Silver Fox Geoff is on baby duty.

While father son bonding time was happening this little notification popped up.

I think Sims is being kind to me, I'm definitely sure that I've played my legacy game for more then 5 hours.
Sims is like a friend when you're trying on dresses and they go 'No that dress doesn't make you look like a link of sausages!' But you both know they are lying.
'No Ellen, you haven't wasted that much of your time playing. It's only been 5 hours!'
I don't believe a word you are saying, but thank you anyway Sims.

 Anyway back to the Mint family.

Incase you had any doubt that Toffee is Geoff's son here is some proof.

They are both pulling 'why me?' faces because Geoff is hogging the toilet. (Old man bladder problems I guessing) Poor Toffee needs a wee. What to do?
Solution time!

The very early beginnings of the new bathroom! The Mint family are a bit low on cash since I spruced up their home. So a creepy dark toilet it is. Good job Toffee isn't afraid of the dark or toilet monsters.

A little notification popped up saying is soon to be Pepper's birthday, I didn't what a repeat of what happened to Geoff. So as Pepper is the better cook I got her to make herself a birthday cake  

Pouring batter without a bowl, very fancy Pepper!

Dr.F: Zee I have make ze bowl dizappear! I am truly a geniuz! Behold my evil plan!!

I should of known you would have had something to do with it Dr. Creepy!
I would sell you, but I find your not so evil plans quite funny.

On a less mad scientist topic, Toffee had an energizing shower to get him ready for school.

Look at that cute little face, you go chase those As! 

Toffee became so super excited for school he started doing push-ups in a puddle. O_o 
Oh Toffee you are going to get all wet and soggy. 

Pepper blows out her candles to welcome in adulthood!
Congratulations Pepper, hope the next chapter in your life is just as fun.

Pepper and Geoff awkwardly smile at the camera as I take a photo. Or more like Geoff is checking out Pepper, aww she's still got it!

The little official note to confirm Pepper is an adult, to prove is wasn't lying to you Readers. ^_^ Not that I ever would!

Pepper: Mmmmm Birthday cake, and all for me!

Oh where is Geoff? I hear you ask. Well....

Yup thats right Readers all that crazy partying has made Geoff all sleepy. Also known as Geoff cheering and making noise with a crank toy.
Elder Sims get tired so quickly!

While Geoff catches some Zs. Pepper soothes a crying Lime and gives him some cuddles.

Thats all this time Readers.

Next time Pepper trys to make some friends.

Come back next time to see if she can make some.

Bye byesss!

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  1. Just got all caught up on your legacy. It is super cute. I hope well be seeing some more of Pepper and her family soon :)