22 Nov 2014

1.17 Key Lime Pie

Oh hello I didn't see you there!
Only joking, welcome back Readers.

Remember this from last time?

Yes we have a new little Mint.

Meet little Lime Mint. I had a feeling he was going to be green.

Our first little heir to be.

Toffee comes home from school, and meets his new little brother.

Toffee: What do you call an owl with a low voice? ......... A growl!

Lime: Teheeee!

Awww well lest your little brother likes your jokes Toffee.

Silver Fox Geoff and Toffee have a nice conversation at the kitchen table.

Geoff: So Toffee, did the teachers like your homework?

Toffee: Yeah I guess....

Look what I managed to do Readers!
Saved up enough money to buy some nice things / house.

As you can see I've moved the parents room to the left by the toilet. Which will be their en suite, once I get a little bit more money to place the kids bathroom in that dark patch.
Speaking of dark rooms, not anymore! Apart from that dark bit, I got some cheap ugly lights.
No more dull photos, hopefully!
I made a nice bedroom / playroom for the two brothers to play in.

Toffee seems to love his new room, soon as I hit play, he was straight in there talking to his new soft toy.

So Toffee what is his name?

Toffee: I don't know he hasn't told me yet!

Oh okay....

After a conversation with Mr. Unknown Toffee plays with his chemistry set.
I just hope he doesn't burn down the house, or something.

Look at that Readers, I think the Mint Legacy Mansion is coming along slowly.
I still need to get carpet and wallpaper, too much grey!

Hope you come back next time!

Bye byes 

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