21 Nov 2014

1.16 Double Birthday, Oh my!

Welcome dear Readers!

Last post was all about Toffee's first day at school and Pepper's embarrassment.

We start the post with something a little mundane. I got them a bin for the kitchen but it was getting a little full and stinky (not the plant). So I brought the Mint family a nice out door bin. So they can have a nice smelling kitchen.
Gosh I'm so kind!

So this is Geoff taking out the rubbish. 
But dear Readers this isn't any old bin, you see it's magical. 
You throw out your old life, and welcome a new one.....




Thats right people it's Geoff's birthday! 
Woo congrats!

I hear you Readers, "Where was the party? Where was the yummy cake?"
There is a simple answer, there wasn't any. I sort of forgot about Geoff's birthday.
I got caught up with chess games and Pepper peeing herself.
Sorry Old Man Geoff.

Woo congratulations again Geoff!

Geoff: Eh? What did you say?

Oh come on Geoff you can't be that old.

Geoff: What? Speak up. There's a bomb that's cold?

Oh never mind.

Geoff still feeling blue that I forgot his birthday, Pepper goes to comfort him.

And comforts him a little too much, good job Toffee is at school!
Oh and that doesn't look like a casual discussion to me.

After all that passionate kissing Pepper's mind is only on one thing......

But poor Pepper doesn't have time for cake.
The baby is on its way!

Got to take a snap of Old Man Geoff doing the baby freakout dance.
I think Geoff looks quite good grey, he's our own Silver Fox

Lets end the post with a shot of the baby is born image.

**Warning Cliffhanger Moment**

Come back next time to have your questions answered.
Will it be a boy or a girl?
Will this little baby have green skin?
Will I remember to post up the next part?

Find out all these and more next time!!!

Bye byes

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