20 Nov 2014

1.15 First Day at School

Hello Readers!

You join us at a sort of milestone. Today if Toffee's first day at school!

To get the day rolling Toffee needed the toilet.

Cue funny toilet walk!

Haha, it still cracks me up. 

Anyway on to less toilet related stuff, don't worry there is more to come later.
Here is Toffee all dressed and off to school!

I wonder if the kids will pick on him for his name?
I'd feel bad. He does have a silly name.

Apparently there was nothing to worry about. This little stud got a love letter, on his first day at school.
Awwww. I told you Readers that he was going to be a little heartbreaker.
I got him to confront the new girl, new kids have to stick together right?

Aww they are both as cute as each other. I wonder who it was?
Toffee won't even tell me!
I'll have to do some digging around later.

So Toffee is having a good day at school, but Pepper is definitely having a worse day.

Thats right Readers, at the ripe old age of Adult Pepper has peed herself!
I think Geoff was hogging the toilet, so when you gotta go you gotta go I guess.
She peed on the kitchen floor, oh the horror. Pepper thats where food is made.

Pepper told Geoff about her problem.

Pepper: So....yeah, I really needed to go

Geoff: Oh dear! Thats shocking!

I know it's kinda mean, but I do like the embarrassed face they pull in the corner.
Its so cute!
Anyway back to Pepper

Geoff tried his best to comfort her, but she ended up hiding from the world under the bed covers.
Poor Pepper, she did eventually come out to find that Geoff had broke that sink again.

I think that sink breaks more then anything I know.
I have my suspicions it's Dr. Creepy. I got my eye on you!
Least Geoff fixes it after he breaks it. Good man.

A nice short but sweet post today.
Lest see what can I tease about the next post.....
Oh yes. It's someones Birthday!!!!

Till next time.
Bye byes

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