12 Nov 2014

1.14 Pepper's Perfect Pancakes

Hello Readers!

I hope you are enjoying the new shorter but more often posts.
Last time, little Toffee became a pirate out in the park when his Mom and Dad were out at work.
He had fun talking like a pirate and playing chess.

But now we join Pepper in the kitchen.
Because of her pregnancy I find she wakes up a lot earlier. So to keep her busy, I get her to cook.

I think she is making pancakes here.

Look at that two shakers at once action. Very fancy!
Holey moley Pepper, look at the size of your pregnancy boobs, careful you don't knock over the bowl with them.

Or set them on fire o_O

Pepper: Ta-dar! Pepper's Perfect Pancakes!

After she made pancakes...

Pepper: Ahem!


After Pepper made 'Pepper's Perfect Pancakes' for her and Toffee.
Toffee ask for a story.

Pepper: 'The Puurrfect Cat.' There was once a small white cat who was so very fond of her coat. Everywhere she went people complimented her, and likened her fur to the purest snow on the highest mountains. With so many compliments the cat became vain and spoilt. One day an enchantress disguised as a beggar asks the cat for a simple favour. The cat not only refused but did so in the rudest and horriblest way the enchantress has ever known. Raged by the rudeness of the little cat she curse the cat, turning her into a horrid monster!

While Pepper was reading a little note pops up: 

It's going to be Geoff's birthday soon! OOooo!

Pepper has to go to work, so I got Geoff to read to Toffee a new book.

Geoff: The Pirates in their small ship, rocked side to side as the storm hit them from both sides. The water crashed on to the deck knocking the pirates over. The wind howled 'Wooooshhhhh'

I like that Geoff puts a lot more effort into reading stories then Pepper.
Soon after reading Geoff had to go to work.

Toffee is left in the house by himself again. He gets a phone call and his friend from the park shows to to play a chess game or two with him. Thats nice even though a little creepy.

Just incase you are wondering Toffee beats her again.
After taking some food out of the fridge. Cheeky woman! She leaves.

Geoff comes home with a promotion! So a bit more money added to the 'build a kids room' and 'get some lights' fund. Yay!

Toffee seems to be so happy with this and he gives his Dad a congratulations hug.
I think Geoff is taken off guard with this display of affection. Haha.

We leave the Mint family being all happy.

Oh Pepper update!!!

She is getting huge! Not long to the baby arrives I'm guessing. Maybe 3-4 more posts.
As I pre write these posts I could tell you exactly how long. But I'm not telling, Shhhh!

This post has lots of stories, I might finish them in later posts, but most likely I won't, I like them to be little snippits. ^_^

Next time, there will be a lot of funny toilet walks and an accident!
Come back next time to find out!
Bye byes  

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