11 Nov 2014

1.13 Ahoy the Park!

Welcome back Readers.
Last time we had a little bit of a problem trying to start the blog last time.
*cough* Pepper *cough*
So I have gotten her all sorted out this time, I swear it's like having children.

I thought we'd start off with a nice shot of Pepper to see how big she is getting.
I also gave her some alt outfits to wear, because its boring seeing sims in the same clothes.

So I send Pepper and Geoff to work. And Pepper gets this message. I don't normally capture them but this was funny. Even funnier, I was reading it quickly and I thought it said Centipedes.

As Pepper is the risk taking sim, I got her to make some centerpieces. Apparently she is secretly arty and the client loved them. Way to go Pep!

As it was the weekend and both Pepper and Geoff had to work, I thought I'd take Toffee to the park, to have a run around and play some chess.

So here is our little man with his first trip out and about. I like to think I took him, not that his parents abandoned him and he fled to the park.
Don't worry Readers I'll look after him.....

Umm... Ooops!
Toffee don't talk to strangers in the park. Remember kids, Stranger Danger!
Don't worry I kept an eye on him.
He manage to beat this lady at chess too, he is on a roll.

With him be so confident I got him to play on the pirate ship.

Toffee: Ahoy! Land ahead. Aye aye Matey! I shall be off t' land.

What you up to little Monkey?

Toffee: I must avoid th' sharks! They'd bite me toes off!

Okay little pirate, but we have to go, it's getting dark and your parents will be home soon.

Toffee: Awwww, no fair!

I know, I'm so mean. Back to home with you!

Quick Toffee make it look like we haven't left, do some washing up. Bless, we can barely see you over the soap bubbles.
Look who it is! It's Chef Gino and Dr. F (aka Dr. Creepy)
Say hello guys.

Chef Gino: Ciao!

Dr. F: Guten Tag!

Oh look Pepper and Geoff are back home, in their adult work clothes.

Thats it Toffee hide in the background! No one will see you.

Thats it for this post, 
Next time Pepper said she'd show off her awesome cooking skills.
I can't wait.
Till next time.
Bye byes!

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