9 Nov 2014

1.12 Chess "Battle"

Greetings Readers!

So I'm sure you can remember last time on the......

Pepper: Psssssst

blog. When Toffee told a joke to....

Pepper: Pisssst, Oi! Over here!

Sorry Readers.

What is it Pepper? I'm trying to introduce the blog and do a recap.

Pepper: I really need the toilet can we start it later?

No, we can not start it later. I do have other things to do than write about you.
Like, I really should be getting dinner sorted, but I thought a quick update about you and your family would be okay.

Pepper: Sorry! T_T

Oh its fine you hurry to do what you need to do and I'll start again.

Pepper: Thanks!


So as I was saying....
Hello, and welcome back.
Last time, we heard some bad jokes from Toffee and Geoff read him a....

Pepper: Bluuurrrggggh!

Oh for the love of, what now?

Aww Pepper, it's okay. It's just the pregnancy making you feel all nauseous.

You must be hungry have some breakfast. I'm sure there is some leftovers in the fridge.

That looks like left over grilled cheese sandwich. Ummmm yummy?
When Pepper finishes off her cold food, Toffee woke up.

I felt bad about the fact Toffee has to sleep in a pink bed in his parents room. So as he has the Whiz Kid aspiration I thought I'd get him a chess table. He seemed to like it because he hopped on it straight way and started playing. Bless him!

Oh look who's up, it's Geoff doing the funny 'I need the toilet' walk.
I must have taken so many photos of the funny toilet walk, I just can't help myself. It cracks me up everytime I see it.
By the way Geoff that is some grimy PJs you're wearing there.

So if you read the last post, and I hope you did, I teased about a Stinky the Plant update.
Here it is....

With the much love and care from Pepper and Geoff, Stinky was able to level up!
And I took a snapshot of the magical orbs upgrading our precious Stinky.
Such a magical moment!
Pepper was quite pleased with herself so she thought of having some bonding time with her son.

Let the chess match begin!
You join us at a very tense moment readers, Mother Vs Son - Battle of the Generations.

Pepper: Mmmmm...If I move this here...

Toffee: Checkmate! You lost Mom.

Pepper: Whaaaat? How did that happen??

Oh well less of a battle more child's play.

Nice to see Toffee has his mom beat in something.

That's it for our mini installment Readers.
I like end on a happy point, that Toffee got his Mom back from making him all embarrassed.
Way to go Toffee.

Hope to see you soon

Bye byes

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