8 Nov 2014

1.11 Bad Jokes and Dragons

Hello Readers!
We left on great news that we have a new member of the Mint family on the way.
With all the focus on Pepper and Geoff. Let us see how Toffee is doing.

Toffee comes to talk to his mom. Pepper is a little grumpy because of the whole baby thing. Toffee thought it was a good idea to cheer his mom up with a joke. What a sweet child.
I didn't catch what was said but I know it didn't go very well.

Brilliant parenting there Pepper. Poor Toffee becomes embarrassed because of his bad joke.
Don't worry Toffee I'm embarrassed that your mother is a bit of an A-hole.
I don't know about you readers but I think a Mother should laugh at her childs jokes no matter how crappy they are. Tisk tisk Pepper.
Look at his poor face!

Poor kid. Maybe you'll have better luck with your Father.

Toffee was aged up at the weekend so he has some time to get a head start with his studies and do some homework. I got Geoff to step up, where Pepper failed, and get him to help with the homework.

Geoff gets really animated and stands up and waves his hands all over the place.
Maybe it's some Shakespeare homework....

After some Hamlet reenactment Geoff reads to Toffee.

Geoff: There was once a furious dragon, who was much to big for his cave. He set out to go on an adventure to find a new home.......

Geoff: The End. Wait that was the ending?! That ending sucked. I could've done better.

Toffee: I dunno Dad, I liked it, it was a happy ending. He found his home in a castle and made friends with the Princess.

Geoff: Humph! Dragons are meant to eat Princesses.

Oh Geoff cynical as ever, what am I going to do with you. Least Toffee got his Mom's outlook in life.

And her eating habits.

Oi Mister don't talk or laugh with your mouth full! The wonderful readers and I, don't want to see mashed up nachos and salsa in your mouth.

Toffee: Ooops Sorry! Sorry Readers!

Good boy, it's time for you to get some sleep.

Eagle eyed readers will remember this bed, it's Peppers old one. From back in living on the lawn days.
Sorry it's pink Toffee, and sorry you don't have a room to yourself.
We can't afford lighting and carpet/wallpaper. I'm positive we can't afford another room.

But that is definitely on the next to buy list, with a new bathroom too.
Oh and lights, I'm sick of dim grey photos.

Thats it, for this mini instalment.

Next time there will be a Stinky the plant update.

Till next time,
Bye byes

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