14 Jan 2015

1.29 Ghosts and Zombies Are Not The Same

Welcome back Readers!

I'm very sorry but we have to start the post on some very sad news.

Yes thats right our own Silver Fox is going to die. I knew it would come but I didn't think it would happen so quickly! It feels like not long ago we met Geoff in the park and had Pepper chasing after him. I suddenly felt that Pepper and Geoff haven't spent that much time together.

Pepper started flirting with Geoff, to help take his mind off the visit from the Grim Reaper.

Flirting didn't help so Pepper gave him a big hug to shake off his worries. When that didn't work Pepper started asking odd questions.

Pepper: So when you die, will you become a ghost?

Geoff: Umm.. I think so why?

Pepper: Will you come visit me?

Geoff: Of course I will Hunny!

Pepper: But don't come if your all like...Grrrrrrr! Brains.

Geoff: Oh Pepper, that's zombies not ghosts. Ghosts just walk through walls and change colours based on their mood.

Pepper: Oh that doesn't sound too scary!

Geoff: *chuckles* Come here you!

Well that escalated quickly. 

Awww old man Geoff tired himself all out. Poor thing.

Thats it for our sad alert, hopefully we can spend more time with Geoff before he passes on.
See you next time Readers!
Bye byes


  1. That was very, very cute. Such a sweet little conversation even if it was about a sad topic. And I love the new look of your blog. Nice work!

    1. Aww thank you and double thank you! ^_^
      Messing around with the look and layout of my blog was a real headache, but I got there in the end. lol

    2. I know how you feel. I changed the theme on mine a while back and it messed up the layout of some of my posts. I never did get my older posts completely fixed. Oh well...They're good enough. And I'll never change it again :)