17 Jan 2015

1.30 You Did What With the Trash Fruit?

Hello again Readers!

I'm very sorry about the sadness of the last post. I still really haven't gotten over it.

But I shall swiftly move onto more happier topics.
So today Pepper had the urge to cook a gourmet meal.
We have the list of normal yummy gourmet food that makes me hungry just reading it. But then I came across this....

Oh yum! SimCity Cheesecake with added trash fruit. I can't wait to eat that Pepper. >_> 
So do you peel I mean unwrap the trash fruit to get at its "yummy" insides? Otherwise you would get tiny trash bag bits stuck in between your teeth. Not an attractive look, I must say.

So beware if Pepper invite you over for a dinner party!

So Lime had a super good day at school and Pepper's friend came over to hang out in the kids room. I don't know why but everyone seems to like sitting on childrens' beds.

Least Pepper's friend is having fun dancing to the radio.
So remember a few posts ago I said I wanted to buy some stuff?
Well I did....

Look at this lovely child's room! No more ugly walls, and there are lots of toys to play with. Plus a violin and a drawing table.

Here are the boys using their new toys. They seem to be having fun. Speaking of fun...

Geoff wakes up from his old man nap. He starts throwing some cool grandad moves to the music on the stereo.

Geoff is still grooving out. But Pepper looks super angry.
I wonder what's up with her?

Pepper! You can't say / feel that. That is you're own son playing the violin for you.
Speaking of your own flesh and blood,

It's soon to be Toffee's birthday! He is going to be a Teenager and get a new trait and aspiration. I can't wait to find out how he turns out.

Next time at the Mint Family's home....
Pepper and Geoff have a conversation in a odd place.

See you soon Readers!
Bye byes


  1. The room is super cute. And hurray for good days at school...seems like those happen a little too seldom in TS4 sometimes.

    1. Aww thank you. :) I know right? I didn't even know of the "killer day at school" mood booster. Its was a little happy surprise.