18 Jan 2015

1.31 Toilet Talks

Welcome back Readers!

Lets start off today's post with a photo of the newly decorated kid's room.
I really love the blue starry sky theme they have. Plus all the fun toys. 

And for you eagle eyed Readers, yes I still haven't changed Toffee's bed to a more boy friendly colour. I think secretly he loves his pink bed. ^_^

I've been meaning to get a shot of this for awhile now but I keep forgetting.

I think the new little illustration for the plant is super cute! Look at how happy Stinky is.
I think it must be because of all the little fly friends he attracts now.
Speaking of things that attracts flies, Pepper decides she must talk to Geoff right this second....

Pepper: Hey Honey! I was wondering are these taps working okay? You know, because sometimes the taps break and water goes everywhere! I don't want the kids to get all soggy.

Geoff: Ummm..... Pepper I'm a little busy here.

Pepper: Oh yeah. Sorry! You don't mind do you? I mean we have been married for aaaages now. I think I've seen everything.

Geoff: Oh really? Then you wont mind giving me a hug?

Pepper: Heheh! Ewwww

Geoff: Oh come on Pep, you did say you've seen everything....

Pepper: Okay okay I get your point, I'll leave you alone. I'm going to make you some food.

Luckily for Geoff Pepper had to go to work not long after food was cooked. So he got to eat in peace.
I don't know about you readers but he looks super sad. Maybe through all his joking he would love Pepper to keep annoying him.

I guess we will leave Geoff here for this short post.
I don't know about you but it doesn't matter if I've been with a guy a 100 years I still don't want to watch him poop!
Until next time Readers.

See you soon
Bye byes


  1. OMG! LOL My boyfriend and I talk to each other through the walls/bathroom door, but nope no face to face time during a poop, no thanks LOL

    You always crack me up with you posts :)

    1. Lol! Yeah I'm not a fan of face to face poop times too, haha. I don't know how guys can pee in front of each other, I'm much too shy for that. Luckily my sims feel no fear!

      Aww thank you :D

  2. This poses a very good Sim question. Why do Sims feel it is OK to talk to some people when on the toilet and other times they get embarrassed? My Sim started flirting with his new girlfriend on the toilet once.