22 Jan 2015

1.32 Geoff's Day

Hello Readers!

Geoff has recovered from his privacy being shattered by Pepper since the last post.
And today this post is all about a typical day in the life of Geoff.

That's what she said!
Geoff you dirty boy.

So incase I had been living under a rock or suffered a head injury to make me forget anything sims related. 
A little notification popped up reminding me that Geoff is a big kid at heart.
And if to prove the blue box's point Geoff sat on the floor in the kids room and poked himself in the eye with the llama.
Oh Geoff....

But how can we be mad at Geoff, look at his happy face. 

After playing on the floor with a few different toys. Geoff gets up slowly (because of his old knees) and sits on Lime's bed for a nice chat with his kids.
Oh and that lovely painting in the corner is painted by Lime. His first ever picture.

After a nice chat with the boys Pepper comes home and Geoff joins her in a game of chess.

Geoff: How about I cook you a nice meal after our game of chess?

Geoff: Aww Pep, don't hide your smile. It's so cute, I love it.

After a busy day of playing with toys, chatting to Toffee and Lime and making Pepper blush to an odd shade of greeny red (I have no idea what colour greened skinned Sims turn when they get embarrassed)
Geoff disappears, and I find him fast asleep....

Poor guy all this fun has tuckered him out.
Sweet dreams Geoff.
Bye bye Readers, 
Till next time.


  1. I love your writing style. Keep going. This is definitely a fun family to read about. Great sense of humor in there too. Very cute.