26 Jan 2015

1.33 Cooking with Pepper

Hello Readers, and welcome back.
This post is about Pepper's day off.
You are just in time to see another episode of:

Cooking With Pepper
(and Chef Gino)

We join Pepper and Gino in the kitchen.
What you cooking today Pepper?

Pepper: Today we are learning to cook, Apple Pie.

Oh yum, I prefer Cherry Pie myself but I'm sure it will taste lovely, Pepper.

Chef Gino: Ciao! Pepper add the ingredients to the bowl.
Pepper: Yes, yes. Then we mix the batter in the bowl, and give it a fancy mix-spin combo.

Pepper: Once all mixed. Get out a chopping board. Isn't that correct Gino?

Chef Gino: Yes, and remember to keep your workspace clean. But don't be too tidy like Pepper and clean away your dough.

Pepper: Ooops sorry Chef!

Pepper: Right so get the dough out and put it on the board. To knead it into shape. Don't forget you need a plate later on too. So get that out too.

Pepper: Then we throw the dough up in the air, and hope it comes down....

Don't leave me hanging Pepper did the dough come down, or is it still stuck on the kitchen ceiling?

Pepper: You worry way too much, it came down, and look here is the nicely cooked Apple Pie!

Looks awesome Pepper!
Pepper felt so pleased with herself about the Apple Pie that she decided to write a cook book.

Well Readers hope you liked Cooking with Pepper-

Chef Gino: Hey and don't forget me!

How could I forget you lil' Gino? Anyway, Readers I hope you liked Cooking with Pepper and Chef Gino.
I do hope you come back next time!

Bye byes

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