27 Jan 2015

1.34 Beast With Two Backs

Welcome back Readers!

I'm very sorry to say that we have to start on a little bit of a sad note:

That's right Readers, as a player I always think my Sims could live forever, (they mainly do because I turn off aging, I hate to see my little Sims die) But that isn't the nature of the Legacy Challenge. So I must bravely carry on knowing that soon Geoff will die!    

So I got a little sad for our founder Pepper, she has no idea that Geoff is so close to death.
To make up for it I got them in the flirty mood!
Kissy photos are coming, so if you have a weak stomach just scroll to the end of my post.

You have been warned!

*Cough cough*
Really guys in the kids room! Lucky they are at school.

Pepper: Siiiiiiigh

Wow things are heating up, so as you guessed it they; Knocked Boots, Made the Beast with Two Backs, Played Mattress Polo, had Sexy Time or as Sims fans know it they WooHooed.

Things didn't go well with Geoff.....

Poor Geoff, maybe his old man hip gave out. Lets see what Pepper thought.

Wow either Geoff was being a drama llama or Pepper is really easily pleased!
I don't know which was better maybe you can figure it out Readers.

So we don't know how many posts we have left for Geoff, so they might be a little Geoff-centric for a bit, just a heads up for you!

Until next time!
Fingers crossed Geoff doesn't cough off before the next post!
Bye byes!


  1. Drama llama made me almost cry from laughing!
    My sim guys are almost always satisfied with the loving haha.

    1. Lol, well your Sim men must have a bigger ego then poor old man Geoff. ^_^