29 Jan 2015

1.35 I'm Not Big, I'm Well Stuffed

Hello Readers, welcome back to another post.

I know last post started quite sad, with the note of doom about Geoff's death.
So let us start on less somber tones and see what our little Toffee is getting upto.

Aww he is spending sometime in his room.

Toffee: Snorasaurus you're a Dragon right? Does the mean you can breath fire? And fly? Though I think it must be a bit difficult you being so large and your wings being so very tiny!

Snorasaurus: ...... (How rude! I'm not big, I am well stuffed.)

After unintentionally insulting his stuffed toy Toffee heads over to his experiment table, to do.... well experimenting of course!
I think he is going to grow up into a little evil genius!
Hopefully not too evil though.

It's family dinner time, well most of the family, Toffee is still busy experimenting.
Pepper is thinking of new recipes and Geoff is worried that his old man denchers will fall out if he took too big of a bite. So just a normal family moment well it is for the Mint Family. lol

Lime finished his meal and sits on the floor to do a little bit of studding, while Geoff reminisces about his old school Raver days. Im not sure how Lime can get any work done with Geoff and Pepper around.

Lime moves up to the table and gets all embarrassed by his parents, like I said a 'normal' Mint Family moment.

Pepper: Hunny, Stop playing on the kitchen floor with the childrens' toys.

Geoff: Humph! Fine! But I am still going to hold the Fairy Llama

 Pepper: *Rolls eyes*

That is it for our little slice of normal Mint Family life.

Come back next time for a Birthday!!!!
Sorry spoilers!

Hope to see you next time,
Bye byes!

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