1 Feb 2015

1.36 Evil Eyes and Smelly Cheese

Welcome back Readers!

So last post was a very normal, nothing-special-happened kind of post.

We start this post with Geoff....

At the beginning of his day after Pepper left for work and he got dressed and just wandered outside his front door and just stood there. I have no idea what he was doing. Maybe getting some fresh air? Or contemplating life? Or maybe breaking some wind?
Anyway I got him to go back inside, the fruit loop, and talk to his sons.

Geoff I hope you are talking about the law and nothing kinky! I swear you wouldn't know they were parents.

Geoff: Lime, keep your brother distracted while I get his cake ready.....

Lime: So.....Bats, crazy right? Are they birds? Are they mice? We just don't know!

Toffee: Ummm, I guess... Why are you acting so odd?

Lime: Me? Nope I'm not acting odd. You are just imagining things.

Geoff: Surprise!!!

Lime: Happy Birthday!

Toffee: Ummm, I wanted chocolate. 

Hey! At least you got a cake!

Toffee perked up once Happy Birthday was sung and he got to blow out his candles. Look at that little face, He barely can keep his excitement in.

Time for the Time  Warp Tornado again!

So Toffee aged up, and I used the random trait generator as the rules state. Apparently when Toffee grows up he wants to follow in his parents steps and become a chef, also he is EVIL.
Well that should be fun playing as an evil sim, I knew all that mad science inventing would lead to something.

And this is now what Toffee looks like, he is a little chubby fellow isn't he?
He looks calm and mild mannered but remember those are the eyes of evil!!

Anyway... Pepper was at work when all the party was happening and what was she doing?

That's right Readers she is smelling cheese!
Pepper was really concerned that cheese shouldn't smell that bad so she asked the Chef, he was maaad!

Poor Pepper!
Don't worry the loss of her job performance wasn't that bad.

Thanks for stopping by and reading about evil children and smelly cheese.

Until next time!
Bye byes