23 Feb 2015

1.37 Hang On, Let Me Put Down This Juice

Hello and welcome back Readers!

Last post Toffee aged up into a teen and we join him doing some homework.

Looks like Toffee is hard at work and Lime is finishing up some leftover birthday cake. Yum! I hope the boys clear up the smelly objects on the table, it ruined a nice family photo moment.

Fairy Llama: Psst! The answer is 3

Geoff: Do you think Lime has finished with this leftover birthday cake?

Toffee: I guess so Dad

Fairy Llama: Psst! Hey, the answer is still 3

Geoff: I can't believe you are growing up so fast! It felt like a few Sim weeks ago that we brought you home from the hospital.

Toffee: Oh Dad, you're embarrassing me!

Aww what a nice family moment, but like in all stories or in real life, the happiness can't last forever. Especially in Sims when this happened straight after!

After that sweet hug from Father to Son, poor Geoff put down his orange juice and curled up on the kitchen floor.

Obviously Toffee was out of his mind with grief.

Fairy Llama: The answer is still 3!

Death pops up with his new fancy iPad. This is the first time I've seen Death in Sims 4, I'm loving his new look.

Fairy Llama: Why is no one listening to me?

Pepper comes out of the bedroom to find Death in her kitchen and Geoff on the floor!

Fairy Llama: Psst! Death you don't need to check your iPad, I know the answer is 3!

Fairy Llama: Threeeeeeeee

Pepper being Pepper can't fathom someone telling her what to do. She begs to Death to let him stay. No one is going to take her Husband.  

Well... apart from Death, he is bored of Pepper's nagging and pleading. Sorry Pepper I guess that is a no for letting Geoff stay. 

When Pepper hears the news, this little note pops up.

That's right Readers while Pepper is crying her eyes out, Toffee is finding this all very funny and is cackling over by the table. That is messed up Toffee!

With one slice from his scythe...
Hey, Death watch the bookcase!

And some pretty magic glowy stuff...

Geoff has turned into a very pretty urn.

Poor Pepper is now a Widow.  I hope we can cheer her up.

Pepper: Ummm Death I'm a little busy here!

Death: Oh, my! I'm awfully sorry!

Death: So... Now you are single. Do you have an email address?

Pepper: Get out of my bathroom.

Oh that is so classy Death....

I'm sorry about the sad post Readers.
Until next time.
Bye byes

Fairy Llama: Think of the threeeeeee!

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