24 Feb 2015

1.01 Meet Fantasia

Hello and welcome to a new challenge story called, Riches to Rags and Back Again.

This story challenge is all about Queenie Landgraab II, named after her Grandmother, Queenie II was born into one of the wealthiest families of Oasis Springs.

"Yeah but it sucked major plum! And wow could you get an older photo of me?"

*Cough* Shuuuush you*Cough*
Being the eldest child, Queenie II was expected to go into business and help the family make their net worth grow even more.

"Yeah, but the evil pluming plum wouldn’t let me do anything else. I wanted to paint, write, program and learn to play instruments. But would she let me? Noooooo!"  

Hey! That is no way to talk about your Mother. Nancy Landgraab was jus-

"Bah! She is a materialistic, ambitious snob who pushes her own agendas onto her children. Like my brother Johnny, we got along great. He always knew how to make you laugh when the She-plum was in one of ‘those’ moods."

I don’t see what this has to do with-

"Look this thing is all about me right?"

Yeah I guess…

"Then let me tell my story!"

But I’m the Narrator, this is what I do. I let the Readers know what is going on, in a friendly and cheerful way. Plus I don’t have a mouth like a sailor.

"What was that last bit?"

Oh nothing! You were talking about Johnny.

"Yes, so Johnny was completely awesome, he had a dream to become a world famous Stand Up Comedian. He told the She-Devil and she flipped, she disowned him right there on the spot and kicked him out. I was so mad!"

Oh dear! Poor Johnny Landgraab, where is he now?

"He goes by his stage name now Johnny Zest, he lives in a trailer in Oasis Springs.
I couldn’t believe She would do that to her own Son. So I waited until the house was quiet and took §20,000 and ran off to Willow Creek."

Umm... Why?

"I couldn’t stand being in the pluming house another second, I used the money to buy a new house, but I had nothing left over. Then I thought new house new start. So I got rid of that pluming awful name and changed it to Fantasia Landgraab."

Okay, Fantasia so why not change your last name. The Landgraabs are famous pretty much all over.

"To stick it to them."

How so?

"When my paintings are on the walls of art galleries and my books are in all the shops, they will see I don’t need them and their pluming ways!"

Okaaay….Have you calmed down now? Is it okay to carry on telling the rest of your story to the Readers. And you won’t interupt again?

"Yeah, fine whatever. I’ll be good."

Thank you. So it is safe to say Queenie II Fantasia hates anything to do with her family, and is very determined to make is on her own.

"Plumming right I am!"

Hey you promised!


So as I was saying, from an early ages she was taught the proper etiquette to fit into high society.

"More Like pushed."

Anyway… She rebelled, dying her hair bright pink and got multiple tattoos just to annoy her Mother.

"And it worked! She freaked out!"

As a child she was given everything a proper little girl should ever want.

"Yeah the trouble was I didn’t want any of that pluming stuff! I never have. It was always ‘Stop chasing that frog!’ and ‘Proper little girls play with dollhouses not play with things in the garden’ "

*Cough cough*
As I was saying. Expensive dolls were left unplayed with and the expensive frocks were left unworn. Fantasia is a naturally curious girl, she got great joy out of finding things. She called them her collectables. She was never able to keep them for very long-

"Yeah Mother never approved of that sort of thing, and got the maid to chuck them out. But now I’ve moved out, I can collect everything!"

Wow sound spoiled much…

"Pfft! Whatever."

Ultimately Fantasia wants to prove her Mother wrong in every way possible. She wants to prove she can become rich (a simillionaire)  without going into a ‘real’ career. She wants to take up all the things she never could in the confines of her family home. She wants to pursue the arts and work on her talent for computer programing and hacking.

"Mainly hacking, it’s fun. Im like a modern day female Robin Hood!"

Really? So you are going to donate the money you get to the poor?

"Yeah… I’m poor. My bank balance is 0."

I don’t think you count as the poor. But anyway, Readers I hope you will enjoy the new story to unfold about Fantasia Landgraab and hope to see you again. Do you want to say anything to the Readers Fantasia?

"Ummm… Nope."

Wow, I couldn’t stop you from talking earlier but now you say nothing. Typical!
Talk to you soon Readers
Bye byess!


  1. I love it! Really neat and fun already :D I look forward to reading more. Plus, she's beautiful! I love colourful sims!

  2. I love your main character and your narrator! Will be looking forward to reading!!!